Many people fail to realize the full extent of the menopause and all of its effects a woman has to go through. And I’m not talking only about men, but some women don’t know a lot about menopause.

And some those do know some basic stuff about that period of life. But without some further research, many of the women enter that phase of the life unprepared. That is not something you would want to go through.

With some knowledge of the menopause, you will be able to recognize the early signs and decide how you should counter it.

Below this you will find symptoms of the menopause as well as some additional info on each of them. With this, you will have better info when you come to the point to choose between hormone replacement therapy and its alternatives.

Physical symptoms of the Menopause

Lower fertility ensues due to lower levels of estrogen in the body. This happens in the peri-menopausal stage. A woman can stay fertile with mixed hormone replacement therapy. This will not increase the chances of pregnancy, but it will make sure that you have chances to get pregnant.

Hot Flashes are sudden feelings of heat in upper part of the body. It can start in any part of the upper body, and it will spread to other regions. Skin reddens and becomes patchy, and that is followed by the sweat.

MenopauseIrregular periods may be the first symptom of the menopause. In general, the medicine recognizes the menopause just if a woman didn’t have periods for a whole year. Irregular periods are the first sign of the coming phase of life.

Discomfort and itching follow vaginal dryness. Some extreme cases also report pain during sex aka dyspareunia. This happens due to lack of the hormone that keeps the inner area of vagina wet.

Night sweats are hot flashes that occur when the woman is in the bed. The phrase refers to sweat that covers the bed and the night clothes. These episodes last up to few minutes.

Urinary problems manifest in frequent urination as well as high susceptibility to urinary tract infections. Cystitis is one of the more common infections that may occur.

Mental symptoms of the Menopause

Disturbed sleep may be caused by the night sweats, but it can also be the result of a mental issue. The problem in question is the anxiety. AS the menopause progresses, the number of peaceful nights goes down.

Moodiness is caused by the disturbed sleep, and thus they come together. The lack of quality sleep creates moodiness that can last for a whole day.

Woman menopause

Focusing and learning issues are also symptoms of the menopause and postmenopausal hormone imbalance. Menopause causes short-term memory problems, and that disturbs concentration as well.

A woman in this stage of her life has to go slow. She has to understand that the feeling of powerlessness will pass and that in next couple of years their memory will become as sharp as it was before.

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